I closed my room door.

Prakrit Duangsutha
1 min readMay 8, 2019

Yeah, seriously. I closed my room door.

I went out to get breakfast, so I closed it, and locked it.

It’s also something I do when I want to go out to a party, go to school, or go to work. Simply put, I when I leave my room, I close my door (and probably lock it).

Meghan Markle does the same thing. Okay, not really.


She didn’t close her room door — or maybe she did, I don’t know — but she closed a car door. That’s similar enough, right?

But when she did it, it’s on the BBC. “The internet was watching and had something to say.”

I get it, the Duchess of Sussex closing a car door is impressive. But look at what I did: I opened the door myself, then closed it even more gently than she did. Arguably, this is more impressive, right?

So, Internet. Do you have something to say too?